Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Designing an irrigation system is similar to purchasing a tractor. The more money you spend the less labor you will have.
  2. Keep in mind your future expansion. Prevent yourself from having to trade in your equipment in a few years by buying appropriately sized equipment.
  3. If cash flow is an issue, size your pump for today’s needs with additional expansion in mind. You can also purchase used aluminum tubing if available and move it as needed until you have the resources to purchase more system to help reduce your workload.
  4.  A $15,000.00 system could be reduced to $6,000.00 with used equipment along with some extra work on your part.
  1. How can you not? If you are a strawberry grower and you don’t have frost protection and a frost destroys 75% of your crop, where are you next season? No profit from the year before and still needing an irrigation system. Don’t roll the dice, treat it like an insurance policy or at least plant a variety that may bloom later in the season. 
  2. If you raise livestock and need a Livestock Waste disposal system, do you wait for the custom operator or dispose of the waste in a safe and timely manner? Avoid problem due to the weather and potential EPA issues, dispose of the waste in a safe and timely manner using one of our Waste Disposal systems.
  1. It will depend on the system. A center pivot will typically require buried PVC. Any other system I would typically recommend staying above ground for a year or two and see what might work best for you. Always keep in mind expansion, maybe the farm next door will come up for sale someday. Once buried, it is not economical to retrieve it
  1. Remember, energy is money! The biggest mistake I see growers make is trying to cut cost by purchasing a smaller pipeline than needed. This creates extra friction loss and requires more Horsepower which leads to extra fuel costs. Whether it is farm equipment or an irrigation system, buying the right system up front will always save you money in the long run.
  1. Brass Impact Sprinklers with a nozzle selected for your region are best. Big Guns are not suitable for frost protection as they will not make revolutions quickly enough to protect your crops. Keep in mind, do not apply more water than you need especially if you require protection for several days in a row or if you have limited drainage or water source.